Orange County Rehab

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Orange County Rehab

Checking into an Orange County Rehab for the treatment of addiction can seem overwhelming and intimidating. The decision to commit to the rehabilitation process can be scary and difficult when a person is enslaved to an addictive drug. However, in nearly all cases, the fear of getting help dissipates once the person enters into treatment and begins the detox process.

Orange County Rehab- Advanced Recovery Solution
offers a safe and comfortable environment to begin the body’s healing through detoxification. Our facility’s peaceful atmosphere and our team of qualified clinicians and staff provide a relaxing environment where essential life changes can begin. Our patient and knowledgeable staff mOrange County Rehabembers have compassion for our clients as many of them have been in similar circumstances in the past. The staff at ARS genuinely cares and offers structure, life-saving recovery tools, and quality care. If you are looking for an Orange County Rehab whose team personally understands the addiction recovery process, look no further.

Getting help at ARS is a great alternative to the fast-paced city treatment centers out there. Because we are located in the Sunny Hills area of Fullerton, California, we are able offer peace and quiet with the tranquility of our surrounding hills in North Orange County. Having a quiet place to gather thoughts, meditate, and destress from the world is important in recovery. ARS offers a sanctuary in which to recover that is free from stress and outside influences. This peacefulness is vital to the success of our clients.

During the treatment phase, the clinical team will offer superb emotional support to invite healing to our clients. Many clients come to us with past traumatic experiences that need to be addressed in order to begin the recovery process. With small group therapy sizes of 8 or fewer at ARS, each client will have greater opportunities to share, releasing tension and toxic energy. This release helps propel our clients into a healthy communications dialogue that fosters openness and honesty and provides the platform on which healthy relationships are formed and boundaries can be set through practice.

Part of our Orange County Rehab model encourages our clients to increase their activity level with physical exercise which releases mood-enhancing endorphins. ARS encourages client participation in walks, yoga, reiki, and gym attendance. In our experience, clients that are physically active in our program remain mostly positive and have an optimistic outlook on life. Along with getting active, clients also learn healthy eating habits through nutritional education and chef-prepared wholesome meals. ARS rehab in Orange County implores clients to actively participate in their recovery to get the most out of their experience. Our luxury residence offers comfort, peace,  and an optimal environment to begin a new life in recovery.

ARS is an Orange County Drug and Alcohol treatment program in Fullerton, California. We specialize in Co-occuring disorders and Sub-Acute Detox. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction and would like to learn more about our program please call us today. Life isn’t over once the drink or drug is gone, let ARS show you how to recover. Call us today. 888-959-3277