ARS Orange County Rehab

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ARS Orange County Rehab

ARS Orange County rehab that offers dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment in Fullerton, California. We take pride in offering a holistic approach to client recovery. Detoxing at our Orange County location is supervised by licensed Doctors that have years of experience in addiction medicine and help our clients detox safely and comfortably. Advanced Recovery Solution provides holistic treatment and healthy living accommodations in the comfort of our residence. Helping individuals recover is our specialty. Whether you are detoxing from prescription pills or illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine, our experienced team can help you through the process.

Fullerton Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Advanced Recovery Solution is a Fullerton Rehab Center. The city of Fullerton offers scenic parks, natural trails for hiking and a variety of other activities to engage in. Advanced Recovery Solution is located in the Sunny Hills area of Fullerton and offers a beautiful retreat in the wooded hills of Fullerton and scenic vistas of North Orange County. Advanced Recovery Solution Orange County Rehab is a Fullerton residential treatment center offering detox and inpatient care for residents of our wonderful city and the surrounding area. We specialize in dual-diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. Clients seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Fullerton find our program to be refreshing and the perfect place to start their journey to sobriety and recovery.

Educational Residential Program in Sunny Hills

Treatment centers with residential programs that offer extended stays provide strong foundations for people affected by drug and alcohol addiction. Advanced Recovery Solution is a Fullerton Rehab with residential programming. Through therapy, counseling, and 12 step attendance, clients receive a solid springboard for recovery.

ARS Orange County Rehab State Licensed Addiction Treatment

Advanced Recovery Solution is a fully licensed treatment center that thrives on transparency, integrity, and unity. Our staff treats our clients with respect and honesty. Our goal is for each of our clients to be successful in maintaining sobriety and entering recovery. The foundation from which our ethical and transparent staff operates begins within each individual staff member. Most, if not all, of our staff members are in recovery themselves and can relate to many of the issues our clients face. We take pride in being open and honest in what we do in the treatment of our clients and all of our business dealings.

Poly-Substance Abuse Treatment

Many of the clients that come to us are abusing multiple substances.  While the treatment of addiction varies depending on the substance, our clinicians can help find the underlying issues our clients are trying to to cope with, how it effects their lives, and the consequences of their addictions. ARS is experienced in interrupting poly-substance abuse by helping the client find the root cause of their addiction and giving them the tools they need to maintain sobriety.

Advanced Recovery Solution in Fullerton offers complete addiction treatment in our North Orange County residence of Sunny Hills, Fullerton. We are a sanctuary from the chaotic world and offer an Advanced Recovery Solution to begin a new way of living life.

Advanced Recovery SolutionOrange County Rehab is family owned and operated. We treat our clients as family and strive for excellence in addiction recovery. If you or your loved one is seeking help, we can help. Our experienced team will assist you every step of the way.

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